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March 29, 2006
Router Man

Apparantely, Cisco's router technology wasn't completely founded by Len Bosack and his wife while trying to communicate with each other across the campus of Stanford University. According to the articles below, William (Bill) Yeager created the first router and operating system, called Network Operating System (NOS), instead of the current IOS. Anyways, here are a couple of articles describing the history:

A start-up's true tale (published 2001)

Router Man

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March 23, 2006
FSU down and out

Both the men and women's basketball teams are officially done for the season. The men lost an Overtime thriller to South Carolina the other night, and the women lost to Stanford. Of course, the women at least made it to the NCAA tournament, whereas the men only made it to the NIT tournament, but that is another issue. Either way, it is now time to focus all that Seminole pride into our baseball team, which is currently ranked #1 in 3 out of 4 baseball polls. Maybe this is the year they can finally win the big one. For more information about the FSU baseball team, head on over to SectionB.com.

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March 21, 2006
Can you Digg it?

I have heard about this site called Digg.com in the past, but never really took the time to look at it. It is basically a Tech news site where the community is responsible for deciding what articles are put on the front page. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users vote, or "digg it", and if the story receives enough diggs, then it gets to go to the homepage. Another cool feature, is that you can see exactly what people are digging or submitting in real time with Digg Spy. Of course, if you are not into technology things, this site has absolutely no value to you except for showing you the power of the people.

This method of deciding which news article to publish is basically a go between between an editor choosing which articles to publish (Example: news.yahoo.com), and a completely automated approach where a computer decides. Of course both have their advantages and disadvantages, ie. efficiency vs. allowing a "fake" article to be published, as was the case when Google News Credibility was Foiled By 15-Year Old. In the end, a good mix b/t the two will probably win out, but for now, what do you use for your news ... Yahoo or Google or Digg?

Here are the top stories from Digg:

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March 15, 2006
FSU's Dave Hart on the Selection Process, Part 1

Well, I didn't think FSU was going to make the tourny after their loss to Wake, but I agree that some teams that did make it shouldn't have. Anyways, if you want to read what the Athletic Director of FSU had to say about it, read the link below.

Dave Hart on the Selection Process, Part 1

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Culpepper to Dolphins

In case you have heard the good news, the Dolphins have acquired QB Daunte Culpepper. What did they have to give up, just a 2nd round draft pick who won't amount to much anyways, so I think it is a great deal. Of course, all of this hinges on whether Daunte passes his physical exam, which is of concern since he blew out his knee last year. The only problem I see with Daunte is that he may need a go to receiver that he can just throw the ball up to like he did with Randy Moss. Chambers could be that person, or the Dolphins could go out and get the mentally incapacitated but super athletic Terrel Owens. I'll keep you posted, but it is a great move for the Fins!

Vikings ship Culpepper to Dolphins for second-round pick

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March 06, 2006
J-Mac's meaningful message for autism

If you haven't seen or heard about this story, then you are in store for one of the more touching things you have heard or seen all year. It is right up there with the story about the Notre Dame Coach and young boy with cancer that happened during the college football season. This is a story about a boy in high school with autism, and what happened during this years high school basketball season. Watch the video clip on the right first, then read the article.

J-Mac's meaningful message for autism

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March 02, 2006

Last Tuesday thru Thursday I spent my days in San Francisco learning all about Video Production at BAVC, which is a non-profit organization that specializes in offering media classes. A colleague of mine actually recommended it, and I am extremely thankful that she did b/c the class was excellent. I took the Basic Video Production course, which went over all the "Basics" of producing a video. Everything from developing an idea (pre-production), to working the camera and filming, to different lighting techniques, and finally the editing. Unfortunately we weren't able to do a video on the SPCA, so we settled for interviewing people on the street about what they thought Patriotism means to them in 2006. Of the 8 students and 1 teacher in the class, I am quite certain I was the only right winger, as all they wanted to do was Bash Bush, as is evident in the film. However, the people on the streets weren't so much about ripping on Bush, but more about questioning authority. I'll put the video up shortly so you can see what we did. Anyways, if you have ever wanted to take a class about video, this one is absolutely great!

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