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November 27, 2002
Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that read my website. Barbie, myself and Timber are heading to Motown, aka. Modesto, to hang out with Barbie's family for the weekend. We were supposed to go to Miami, but the flight prices were out of control this year...so we are going to have to wait until the Christmas break. Anyways, I'm still getting sweet potatos with brown sugar and marshmallows on top...so I get a little bit of the hometown feel. Anyways, I got a couple of great emails today that have a couple of good movies to watch. The first two are basically some great military motivators for our troops fighting the Taliban...I got it from this guy at GrouchyMedia.com Check them out:

  • Taliban_Bodies_Special_Edition (9 MB)

  • Die_Terrorists_Die (12 MB) Explicit Lyrics
  • Also, I got a very funny video watching some guys playing basketball. This is absolutely hilarious! Check it out!

    Posted by Don at 07:32 PM
    November 25, 2002
    A little R-n-R

    Yesterday was one of those days that comes around probably twice a year...unless you are in college when it seems to happen at least once a week. I basically spent the better part of the day sleeping. I don't think I got out of bed until about 6pm! I was either sleeping or laying down watching football the entire day. Since I've been getting up at 5:30am every morning to allow myself to leave Lockheed early to go coach, my body is running on fumes for most of the week. The first week I got sick, and the second week I was able to tough it out until yesterday. This week only has three days, then it's Turkey day...and we all know the story of how turkey makes you sleep.

    As far as FSU goes, I really am not that impressed with them this year...for obvious reasons. But, they are still going to a BCS bowl no matter what happens this week against UF. Maryland basically choked against UVA, allowing FSU to win the ACC and an automatic BCS bid. I don't know who they will play, but I'm sure they will be underdogs. The only other good thing about FSU football this year is that all the games are close. Every week is a tough game. When you are used to blowing teams out every year, sometimes it is nice to have a change of pace...although I would prefer they win!

    Posted by Don at 07:31 AM
    November 22, 2002
    Varsity Girls get first Victory!

    In case some of you didn't know, I am coaching the JV Basketball girls at Harker High School. We were supposed to have our first game last night, but the game had to be cancelled for a couple of reasons. Anyways, the Varsity girls had their first game and won 38-32 against St. Lawrence. The game was definitely exciting and made me look forward to the JV girls' first game. The MVP of the game definitely had to go to Jamie who probably scored about 18 points with a couple of threes! After a slow start the girls started lighting it up from the outside. Normally I would tell them to take it in, but they were making the shots, so no need to argue with success. Although they won, they did let St. Lawrence cut a 9 point lead with about 1:30 to play down to 4 in under a minute. A couple of steals later and the game was sealed. All in all very fun and exciting. Tonight is the guys first game...so Yamo and I are going to check them out.

    Posted by Don at 08:06 AM
    November 15, 2002
    I'm Married

    Well it has been a while since my last post, but a lot of things have changed since that time. I am now an official husband...and we just got back from our Honeymoon in Hawaii a week ago. I'll be sure to give a more detailed story of the wedding and honeymoon in a future post, but I thought my readers needed a little something to keep their interests alive. Anyways, the wedding was great...everything went off without a hitch. I attribute 100% of its success to Barbie. Our honeymoon was equally as great. I can't tell you how great Hawaii is...it was very hard to come back to the "real world" . Well, Barbie has posted some pictures of the wedding and honeymoon in our Photo Album. So be sure to check them out.

    Posted by Don at 12:41 PM