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August 26, 2002
Finally back up!

Well the website is finally back up and available for my faithful readers (yeah right). Anyways, the story is that our server (mambo) was being moved from our friend Keeffee's house to an ISP provider. So now I am on a T3 ... wahoo!

Well the weeks that went by included no triathlon training, the creation of our new site www.freemoneybets.com, and the start of the college football season. Let's just say I am extremely happy that the Seminoles were able to squeak by with a victory. Seneca Williams and the Cyclones gave FSU all they could handle. Well, I'll write more later, but it's time for some chocalate fondue!

Posted by Don at 08:27 PM
August 13, 2002
New Photo Gallery

Alright, I've got a new Photo Gallery built so both Barbie and I can upload images. Be sure to check them out, and leave plenty of comments...especially on those pictures that make people look crazy. Anyways, I must say American Pie 2 is one of the funniest movies I have seen. It came on this evening and Yamo, me and Raggio have been cracking up all night. What a great show.

Posted by Don at 10:54 PM
Fins lose, but still a good weekend

Well the might Miami Dolphins couldn't complete the comeback this evening, losing to the Bucs 10-14. If it weren't for the opening kickoff they would have won, but 'tis life. Ricky Williams looked alright in only couple of series, and of "Fiedler on the Roof" was awesome!! I still claim he is the best QB in the league!

As for the weekend, we had another bridal shower for Barbie...but this time it was in Modesto. My mom made the trip out here, so that was nice...just wish she could have stayed longer. Either she brought the heat from Miami from last weekend, or the heat just seems to follow her. It was in the 100's this weekend! I'm sure it reminded Timber of the good ole' days back in Miami. Anyways, Barbie got some great gifts...to bad they were all for the kitchen. I think I am going to go to Home Depot and register some gifts for myself. So if you're reading be sure to check the Wedding Site for a list of places we are registered with, and hopefully Home Depot will be added soon.

Well that is all for now...I think may start to update the new upcoming College Football Bet picks site that my friends and I are going to start. I think I may use PostNuke as the backend.

Posted by Don at 12:02 AM
August 07, 2002
Odd night for Simpsons

Can someone explain to me why the Simpsons was on FOX last night...a Tuesday instead of Sunday. It seemed to be one of those episodes that showed a lot of clips from previous episodes, basically a "Best of" show. It ended with a song that said they had plenty of more stories and would be around for many more years. Was there some sort of rumor going around that the Simpsons was going to come to an end? Don't get me wrong, as my roommate can attest, I was more than happy to watch the Simpsons. Well here is a cool website with more Simpsons information.

ps. They just released season 2 on DVD yesterday.

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August 06, 2002
Weekend in Miami

What a hectic weekend! I don't think there was a moments rest the entire time we were in Miami. Friday we were busy running errands, which included trying to find a wedding band. Saturday started off at 5:00am b/c I had to get up for my triathlon. I didn't do nearly as well as I hoped, mainly b/c my stomach got upset after using a gu, and probably due to the humidity..luckily it was only a 1/2mile swim, 13 mi. bike and 3mi. run. However, I did finish fourth in my age group...although I look like I am about to pass out when I finish. Here are the results.
After the Triathlon we went to the Miami Seaquarium so my cousin Rachael and future niece Kristen could go swimming with the dolphins. Check out the pictures!

Sunday was the big day...BRIDAL SHOWER FOR BARBIE!! My aunts put on an exceptional bridal shower, and Betty had the house decorated like the wine country which was great seeing as Barbie loves wine. I got to go play golf during the shower, but I hear everything went really well...to bad I can't say the same for my golf game.

Monday we flew back home and I got to go back to work :( Although, my buddy Kraig (aka. Kraigy Whiner) was in town, so it was good to see him and hang out last night...Bourne also joined us for a few rounds. All in all a good weekend, but very busy.

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