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April 23, 2004
One of those mornings...

I got home last night around 11pm from swimming and Barbie tells me I have to get up early tomorrow and workout since I have been slacking on the morning workouts. Perhaps she didn't notice I just finished swimming 3km (~ 2 miles), my longest to date. Anyways, she is right, and since she is "my coach" during my training, I had to listen. She did, however, offer to make eggs if I got up and worked out...so I now have some good incentive.

The next morning arrives, and I sleep in about a 1/2 hour longer than I was supposed to, but I get up and get my workout in. However, she is now in a rush with work (what's new :) ), so I end up having to make eggs and toast...not a big deal, but not what I felt like doing. Then I go down to the car and try to start it up, but the battery is dead. I had left the parking lights on all night so there is no hope of starting it. Luckily our neighbour informed us we could call the taxi to come and give us a jump, which I proceeded to do...all in Deutsch I might add!!
So we got the car running now, and head to work. However, since we are running late, I have to drop Barbie off first, then head to the Hunde Pension to drop off Kymba. I get to the Pension, and Kymba decides she isn't ready to go inside the room and starts running up and down the hallway. Unfortunately I had just opened the door where a puppy lab and puppy retriever are anxiously trying to get out. So now I have Kymba running down the hall, and I am fighting off two dogs while trying to shut the door, but the lab apparantely has a thing for leashes and grabs the leash and won't let go. I then have to give up the leash, shut the door, and track down Kymba. Finally I get Kymba, put her inside, and then try to get the leash back, but the lab won't budge, and keeps jumping on me with his dirty paws. Eventually I just pry open his mouth and take it, which causes him to jump on me more. After all this, I finally get out of the Pension, more dirty and more frustrated. But that is why there are such things as good mornings, and bad mornings.

Posted by Don at April 23, 2004 11:23 AM
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